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Magnifying Our Impact through Events and Programs

Every day, JCI members across the globe are working to create positive change in their communities. JCI Events and Programs connect the JCI worldwide network, empower members and provide a framework for positive change.

International Events

JCI World Congress, Academies, Area Conferences and Leadership Summits offer opportunities for members to exchange ideas, gain a global perspective and bring what they learned back to their home organizations while seeing the world in the process.

Programs with Partners

JCI partners with other organizations at the international level to maximize our impact and offer structured programs to all members.

JCI Programs

JCI Local and National Organizations implement JCI Programs, which offer a structured approach to creating positive change that can be tailored to a specific community.



"JCI World Congresses always present an awesome opportunity to tap into an international network of dynamic young professionals that are all trying to create positive change."
Andrew Higgs
Member of JCI Australia

 "I expect to experience a variety of cultures, share experiences and strengthen the brotherly ties with fellow members. Afterwards, I want to return to Panama with innovative ideas and apply to our local projects."
Italo Abel Quezado
Member of JCI Panama

 "Being a member of JCI means everything to me. I owe full credit to JCI for what I am today."
Sheetal Gandhi
Member of JCI India

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