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Your current status is INACTIVE. This status gives you limited access to JCI services. Please contact your Local President to be activated.
Official Documents
JCI Related
Documents that provide information about JCI's history, organizational structure and the Mission, Vision and Values.
Documents and forms related to the application for Potential, Provisional or Fully affiliated National Organizations to JCI.
JCI Constitution and Policy Manual, revised yearly by JCI General Assembly at JCI World Congress
Forms and documents on how to apply for a Development Grant
The Jaycees International (JCI) Foundation, Inc. is a trust created to provide financial support for JCI. These documents will provide you information about the Foundation and how to contribute.
Form to nominate officers to JCI
Yearly JCI Plan of Action, presented by JCI Board of Directors and approved by JCI General Assembly during JCI World Congress
Being a JCI Senator makes you a lifetime member and is both a privilege and a responsibility. This section includes Senate applications, a powerpoint and an information sheet about being a JCI Senator.
JCI Strategic Plan, plus the Strategic Planning Committee Recommendations and other supporting tools.
Summary of most important decisions and activities occurred at JCI World Congress every year
Quarterly report on the activities performed by JCI World Headquarters, according to the current JCI Plan of Action.
A five step strategy to enable communities both where JCI does exist and where JCI does not exist, to achieve sustainable impact.
National Organization Resources
Guidelines on how to create a constitution for a new National Organization, based on JCI Constitution
This guides provide support to Local and National Organizations to make the administration of more effective, easily managed and in line with JCI’s recommended structure.
Local Organization Resources
The JCI Membership Welcome kit provides valuable materials that new members should receive upon joining. This kit includes materials such as certificates, welcome letters, etc.
The JCI: Opportunity to Impact orientation highlights the main concepts that describe JCI as an organization. The presentation uses videos, achievements of JCI’s history and plans for JCI’s future to present the organization as an opportunity to create sustainable impact in local communities around the world. This presentation was designed to serve both as a new member orientation, informational presentation to potential members, as well as a way to introduce JCI to communities where we do not yet exist.
Guides on how to perform duties as a JCI Local Organization Officer. A variety of guides offer information on how to run: Marketing and Communications, Meetings, Membership, Officers, and Projects.
Guidelines on how to create a Constitution for a new JCI Local Organization
All tools needed to run a successful JCI Local Organization
The JCI Guide for the Local President
The JCI Manual on Meeting Procedures
Guide on how to build a sustainable JCI Local Organization according to the JCI Impact Strategy.
JCI Active Citizen Framework
The JCI Active Citizen Framework describes a better way to create and measure positive change and sustainability in your community. It provides the structure we need to act as one global team and create a global impact. Use this infographic to understand the process.
Peace is Possible
Peace is Possible Toolkit Version 1.0. This toolkit includes: – Peace is Possible logos in (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese) – Identity Guide – Email Footers – Banners (Horizontal and Vertical) – Media Kit (Press Kit) MORE COMING SOON!