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JCI World Debating Championship, Sponsored by 1963 JCI President Eric H. Stevenson

Debating skills equip members to advocate the message of social responsibility, resolve conflicts, respect differences and overcome obstacles. Each year at the JCI Area Conferences and JCI World Congress, national teams contend for the title of JCI World Debating Champions. Discussing topics that range from profound to comical, contestants argue their truth, relevance and accuracy. Capacity-building events like this build a foundation of teamwork, critical-thinking and problem solving that members use to address issues in their local communities.

JCI World Debating Championship at the 2017 JCI Area Conferences


One of the highlights of the 2017 JCI events will be the JCI World Debating Championship. The World Debating Championship takes place in three languages: English, French and Spanish. National Organizations are encouraged to register a team for this program, consisting of a team captain and two additional debaters. 


Due to time constraints, there is a limit of 8 teams per competition. Each National Organization is asked to only submit one debate team, so that as many organizations can participate as possible. Teams will be accepted on a first registered, first accepted basis. 


In order to participate, all members must be registered on the JCI website and affiliated to active National and Local Organizations. Register for the World Debating Championships at the 2017 JCI Area Conferences by the following dates:


Africa and the Middle East Conference:

Team registration opens: 20 February 2017

Team registration closes: 3 April 2017


Conference of the Americas:

Team registration opens: 6 March 2017


Team registration closes: 17 April 2017


European Conference:

Team registration opens: 13 March 2017


Team registration closes: 24 April 2017


Asia-Pacific Conference:

Team registration opens: 27 March 2017


Team registration closes: 8 May 2017


Register here and begin your journey to victory! May the best debating team win and good luck!


All necessary Debating Championship information can be found in the JCI World Debating Championship Toolkit. The Chairperson will decide on the topic at the local, national and international levels. The winners of the JCI World Debating Championship at the JCI World Congress will each receive a coveted Scottish Friendship Quaich.

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