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JCI Best Business Plan Competition

What is JCI BBP?
Partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), JCI Local Organizations host the annual JCI Best Business Plan Competition (JCI BBP). It's clear that businesses produce profit and drive economies. However, in a globalized world, it is essential for young innovators to use their social values to positively impact their local communities through commerce. Through JCI BBP, young entrepreneurs are awarded for integrating the principles of social responsibility into their businesses. Social responsibility principles include human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. Business plans focused on a local level help fight youth migration out of local communities. This program praises businesses who follow the principles of Corporate Social Responsibilty and improve the community with their everyday practices. This competition awards and showcases young entrepreneurs and their ideas as they create positive change through local commerce.

Read more about the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and JCI’s involvement with the United Nations Global Compact.

Who can participate?
This competition is open to all young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40, JCI Member or not. For more information on how to participate, please contact your JCI Local Organization.

You can also send any questions, comments or concerns to programs@jci.cc.



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May 23
Premios: 2017 JCI Nigeria South-South/South-East Conference

May 28
Premios: 2017 Program

May 29
TOYP: 2017 JCI Congress in the Netherlands

Jun 11
Campeonato de Oratoria: ER São Paulo

Campeonato de Debates: ER São Paulo

Jun 25
Campeonato de Debates: ER Concórdia

Campeonato de Oratoria: ER Concórdia

Jul 2
Campeonato de Debates: ER Venâncio Aires

Campeonato de Oratoria: ER Venâncio Aires

Aug 31
Premios: 63a. Convenção Nacional JCI Brasil

Sep 1
Premios: 2017 JCIM ANC E-Awards

Nov 4
Premios: Forårskongres 2017

Dec 31
Campeonato de Debates: 2017 TOYP

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