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The JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Award

JCI is an organization of young active citizens who are dedicated to creating positive change. The JCI CYEA program is designed specifically to recognize, honor and celebrate exceptional young entrepreneurs who have started a business using creativity or have improved an existing business through innovative problem solving while adhering to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

Who can participate?
The competition can be organized on local and national levels, and accepts nominaitons of all entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40, JCI members and non-members alike.

Who is the compeition looking for?
JCI CYEA looks for young innovative entrepreneurs that have started a new business using creativity in product development, service development and in their approach to the market. Or, they have taken an existing business and incorporated creativity to solve a problem, or change a process, to create positive change in their business operations. Your communities are full of young entrepreneurs who have used their imagination in solving problems and approaching the market. Your efforts in promoting this contest will assist in learning about, and honoring these young entrepreneurs in your community.

Download the JCI CYEA Toolkit.

Changes to JCI CYEA starting in 2013

Starting in 2013, the JCI CYEA competition will be focused on recognizing the world’s most creative young entrepreneurs, promoting and supporting business creativity and new enterprise development in local communities worldwide. Moving forward, an international level of competition for JCI CYEA will not be held. 

Due to the tremendous positive impact creative entrepreneurship has on local economies along with the continued interest in running JCI CYEA, JCI members are encouraged to use the newly updated and adapted tools to continue running local and national level competitions. Recognizing creative young entrepreneurs in their cities and nations encourages others to follow their example of creating positive change through local business ventures.

For more information, read the official press release.

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