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JCI Nothing But Nets

Every 60 seconds, another person dies of malaria—that’s more than one million deaths each year. The vast majority of deaths occur in Africa, where malaria is a leading killer of children. But human lives aren’t the only costs. Malaria keeps children out of school, exhausts medical resources and accounts for $12 billion each year in lost productivity.
Thanks to Nothing But Nets, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, millions of lives in Africa have been saved through their program to provide long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed nets to children and families. As a Nothing But Nets partner, JCI runs a campaign called JCI Nothing But Nets. Through the campaign, JCI members will raise funds for one million bed nets by 2015 and educate children and their families in Africa on the correct use of the nets.

Learn more about the campaign and how YOU can send a net to save a life.

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