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Deliver the Difference Video Contest
JCI Impact Month features a new competition. Get out those video cameras, because from now until the JCI Impact Month in September 2012, JCI is challenging you to Deliver the Difference by filming your projects and programs.

Whether it’s providing healthcare for underprivileged individuals, educating children or raising funds for JCI Nothing But Nets, you have a chance to receive a special award from the 2012 JCI President just by getting your actions on tape. Videos should be no longer than five minutes and should be uploaded to YouTube and contain the tag “JCIImpact.” Submissions will be accepted until September 30, 2012, and winners will be selected by members of the 2012 JCI Board of Directors.

Contest Instructions

Step 1.
Shoot a video of you or your fellow JCI members taking action. Whether it’s a JCI Local Organization project, a meeting with community leaders to perform a needs analysis or partnering with another JCI organization to combine forces, we want to see you taking concrete actions to improve your community and the world. By following the steps below, you can ensure your videos will capture the essence of the JCI Impact:

  1. Choose compelling subjects or events where obvious actions are being performed. Don’t leave the viewer guessing what it is you’re doing.
  2. Select a scene that provides a context for the actions being taken. Help the viewer understand what you’re doing by picking the right setting for the video.
  3. Keep both eyes open while shooting and pay attention to the environment around your video – something may walk into your shot that affects the end product.
  4. Shoot with your back to the sun or source of light to ensure the subjects of your video are properly lit.
  5. Shoot naturally occurring interactions – posing for the camera is fun, but it does not convey action.
  6. Always shoot more video than you think you will need, because you can always edit it down to the appropriate length later, using simple video editing programs.
  7. Don't disturb the event in progress just to arrange a shot. Remember, the action being taken is the important part.

Step 2.
Create a YouTube account by clicking here or log in with your existing username and password.

Step 3.
After signing in with your account, click “Upload” at the top of the screen, or click on the link below.

Click on the yellow “Upload video” button and select the file you want to submit for the JCI Delivering the Difference Contest. Give it a catchy title and include the following information in the Description section:

Email Address:
JCI Local Organization:
JCI National Organization:
Video Details:

Step 4.
To find your video, JCI World Headquarters will search for “JCIImpact”, so be sure to add it to the Tags section of the upload screen. If your video does not have this tag, it will not be found and therefore will not be eligible for the contest.

Step 5.
Select the appropriate category for your video and make sure the Privacy level is set to “Public” so anyone can view it. Also click on “Creative Commons – Attribution” under License, so JCI can use your video at the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan.

Save all your changes at the bottom and share with as many individuals as you like! Be proud of your achievements and spread the word of the impact you have created. You just might inspire others to bring positive change to their communities too.

Contest Rules

  1. Only videos uploaded to YouTube with the tag “JCIImpact” between September 1, 2011 and September 30, 2012 will be considered.
  2. Each JCI member may upload as many videos as they like, but videos must be between three and five minutes in length and show a different action being taken in each.
  3. All videos must include the name, JCI Local and National Organization and email address of the JCI member submitting the photo so JCI World Headquarters can contact the winners.
  4. Each video must include a caption describing the action taking place during the shot.

All videos will be reviewed by members of the 2012 JCI Board of Directors, and the three individuals whose videos best demonstrate how JCI members are taking action will be shown at the 2012 JCI World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan, and the winners will receive a special prize from the 2012 JCI President.