News — May 23, 2017

Forming the Foundation for Peaceful Coexistence

Seeking to create sustainable change on a global level, JCI Italy started their mission to advance the global development agenda in 2015 through promoting and contributing their vision for a better world through the MY World Survey—a global survey for citizens led by the United Nations and partners. 


Through the collection of more than 1000 surveys in the summer of 2015, JCI Italy worked to identify which Global Goals for Sustainable Development were most relevant to their community as well as endorse the importance of achieving the Global Goals for a better world. 


After analyzing the results of the survey, it was concluded that the Global Goals are the foundation for peace and that by eliminating things such as world hunger and finding solutions to gender inequality, we will naturally create greater stability and security in our communities—all of which is needed for the development of a peaceful coexistence. 


The results led to the creation of a workshop hosted by JCI Italy that focused on the Global Goals but more specifically Global Goal #2 Zero Hunger, Global Goal #5 Gender Equality and Global Goal #13 Climate Action. These specific goals highlighted key issues that JCI Italy sought to address in the community. 


Held at the Civil Society Pavilion at Casina Triulza, the workshop worked to use the information from the surveys in order to create at least one impact project to be conducted locally addressing the Global Goals. From the workshop, the idea of a secondary workshop focused on gender equality was established featuring a contest for the local community’s secondary schools to develop their own project’s following the theme of gender equality that create awareness and sustainable solutions to this growing global challenge. 

The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to present their project at the 2017 JCI Italy International PR and Media Academy 4–7 October in Turin, Italy. 


Ignited by a desire to create global change in line with the Global Goals, JCI Italy members continue to identify community issues while crafting solutions for the development of their community and world. 


Whether it is through starting a new local project in your community, sharing JCI’s history and vision of peace or encouraging like-minded organizations to connect to the movement, we must mobilize young people to join in on the conversation and advocate for peace in their communities today. 


Begin your actions and advocacy efforts for 2017 by downloading the Peace is Possible toolkit and variety of other resources at Furthermore, advance your skill sets on creating awareness, taking action and advocating for peace at the International Summit on Peace this September in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia! Register today!


Does your organization have a story of impact? Use the JCI Project Gallery to share the information with members around the world!

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