News — May 30, 2002

JCI President Salvi Batlle in Honduras

We would like to thank Walter Efren Fajardo, Honduras National Vice President, for contributing news about JCI President Salvi Batlle?s visit to Honduras. On the photo, JCI President Batlle appears surrounded by members of the San Pedro Sula Junior Chamber. JCI President Salvi Batlle and his wife Mariona arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, on May 9, 2002. Several national Junior Chamber officers were there to welcome them. The couple left the following day, at 05:30 a.m. In just one day, President Batlle helped Honduras Junior Chamber in countless ways, and even motivated seven young people to join Junior Chamber!
Visits to City Halls President Salvi Batlle was taken from the airport to the San Pedro Sula?s town hall, where he visited the city?s deputy mayor, Osm?n Bautista. The mayor of the city, a JCI Senator, was out of town. Recognized as a Distinguished Guest, President Salvi Batlle received a Certificate of Appreciation. President Batlle later visited Villanueva, where he met with the mayor of that city, Armando Borjas, also a JCI Senator who has been a great supporter of Junior Chamber. Meetings with Officers and Members President Batlle met with national officers during a working lunch. Several important issues were discussed, including the role of Honduras Junior Chamber at the international level, the need for greater participation in international events, electronic communications, and the possibility of Honduras Junior Chamber bidding for a JCI Area Conference in five years. Meeting next with most of the chapter presidents of Honduras, President Batlle discussed membership recruitment and retention, as well as participation in JCI projects and events. He then met with JCI Senators, members and potential members to motivate potential members and help current members take full advantage of the opportunities JCI offers. As already mentioned, seven young people became new members. During a very effective press conference, President Batlle reiterated the reasons for his visit and promoted Junior Chamber. Visit Objectives Achieved The objectives of President Batlle?s visit were achieved, among them: obtaining media coverage as well as greater commitment from city officials for future projects, informing members about the countless opportunities available in Junior Chamber and encouraging them to attend the Las Vegas Congress. Additionally, the community learned a great deal about the organization. Thanks to his spontaneity and friendliness, President Batlle made a great impression. Moreover, since there was no language barrier, he was very effective in motivating members when discussing the need to change and the organization?s destiny. For more details about President Batlle?s visits, please go to "My Last Journeys? section.
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