News — August 12, 2002

Meet JCI Vice President Tomo Hiroe

Most of us are not fully developed yet, so we need the opportunities Junior Chamber offers. ?JCI Vice President Tomo Hiroe Born December 13, 1964, in Yonago, Japan, Tomo Hiroe holds a bachelor?s degree in business administration, as well as a degree in health service administration. He is managing director of a medical corporation, and resides in Yonago with his wife Yoko and their two sons. Tomo Hiroe was looking for opportunities to receive training, meet people, establish networks and develop himself, when he joined Junior Chamber in 1993. After participating in various local and national activities, he became president of his chapter in 2000, regional commission member in 1999, and national bloc council chairman in 2001.
During 2002 he is serving as JCI Vice President assigned to the national organization members (NOMs) of Canada and United States. What he has gained from being a member ?This organization provides opportunities to young people who want to motivate and develop themselves,? states Vice President Hiroe. While he hopes to find the goal of his life in Junior Chamber, he feels he has already benefited a great deal from the organization by developing himself as an entrepreneur, taking advantage of leadership training opportunities, and meeting great people with different backgrounds and outlooks. Advice to members aspiring to become JCI officers ?Take advantage of the opportunity,? he says. ?This organization is open 24 hours a day.?
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