News — August 26, 2002

JCI Headquarters Cornerstone Laying Ceremony?You are Invited!

JCI President Salvi Batlle, the 2003 JCI President Elect, JCI Foundation Board members, and other high-ranking JCI officers, as well as Chesterfield City officials and Missouri State representatives, will be in attendance at the Cornerstone Laying Ceremony of the new JCI Headquarters building. This historic ceremony will take place after the JCI World Congress in Las Vegas at the new JCI Headquarters Chesterfield site, on November 30, 2002, at 4:00 p.m. It is hoped that many JCI World Congress delegates will be able to participate by scheduling a Las Vegas-St. Louis connection when making their congress traveling plans.
JCI Executive Committee?s Review During the Midyear Executive Committee Meeting, architect Rod Callies presented plans and a design for the new Headquarters in Chesterfield. His 10,000-square feet design was well received by the Executive Committee. He reported the cost would be approximately $150 per square foot. The design will combine modern features with a ?Mission-Inn? look, which will harmonize with the architecture of the area while providing JCI with an excellent long-term home. The Executive Committee assigned Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat the task of administering the construction of the new JCI Headquarters. Upscale, Dynamic Community Chesterfield is an upscale, prosperous and dynamic community with a population of 40,000. Particularly known for its lush and beautiful landscaping, it is situated along the high-tech corridor of Highway 40/Interstate 64, only twenty-five minutes west of downtown St. Louis. This strong, vibrant community, committed to overall quality of life, encourages interaction among residents, businesses and organizations such as Junior Chamber International through innovative approaches to community and neighborhood planning. Take Advantage of this Opportunity As a Junior Chamber member, you should make plans to attend this ceremony. This new building will be JCI?s Headquarters, your Headquarters, for many years to come. Don?t miss the opportunity to participate in this momentous event!
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