News — October 04, 2002

Meet JCI Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi

Junior Chamber is a passport to the world and a university of life. ?JCI Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi Ebiowei Tobi, born in Ayakoroma (Delta State), Nigeria, on May 26, 1962, holds a master?s degree in law. He is the principal solicitor of his own law firm in Port Harcourt, where he resides, and is also a law lecturer at the Rivers State University there. When attending a meeting on ?Goal Setting? at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Tobi was very impressed by the professionalism and quality of the meeting and of those attending it. Further impressed when he listened to the JCI Creed and the purpose of the organization, he decided to join in 1988. ?I felt this organization would help me improve myself,? he said.
Tobi participated in various local and national activities, became president of his chapter in 1992, and regional executive vice president in 1996. He served as national president in 1998. At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to various African national organization members in 2000, and as the JCI Training Institute Commissioner for Africa. He has attended three JCI Area Conferences and three JCI World Congresses. He is an International Graduate of the JCI Training Institute and JCI Senator No. 57644. During 2002, as JCI Executive Vice President responsible for Africa, he chaired the JCI Area A Conference in Sousse, Tunisia, from May 29 to June 1. His goals in Junior Chamber Inspired by the ?Goal Setting? training in 1988, Tobi set his Junior Chamber goals?become local President in 1992, national President in 1998 and JCI Vice President in 2000. He also planned to reach the highest training level before he was 40 and be a JCI Senator before becoming a JCI officer. ?I have met almost all my goals in Junior Chamber,? he is happy to say. ?There is still a lot to be achieved in terms of the opportunities that the organization offers. After my active years, I intend to share my experience with people?? How he has benefited from Junior Chamber ?I am what I am today because of Junior Chamber,? explains Executive Vice President Tobi. ?Junior Chamber helped me become a more disciplined, confident, focused person. It thought me how to prepare mission statements... It has made a great difference in my attitude to life. Junior Chamber has given me the opportunity and the audience to train." Tobi believes the Junior Chamber network is the best. ?I have made friends around the world. This is more important than money?? he says. ?I have learned to work and manage people, and discovered my potential as a leader and trainer.? He feels Junior Chamber has helped him discover himself, other people, his country and the world. He is certain Junior Chamber can help anyone become what he or she wants to be. ?Junior Chamber is a passport to the world and a university of life,? he added. His advice to future JCI officers ?Strive to be a good member of the organization,? he says. ?Do not be a passive member but a committed member. Learn as much as you can as a member because when you become a JCI Officer, you are a consultant to members. You will need to plan your Junior Chamber career and work towards it. Things may not always go well for you, but do not give up, just hold on to your dream. When you eventually become an officer, remember you are serving our members. Be dedicated and committed to the organization. Be a friend, a brother??
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