News — June 23, 2011

The Purpose of JCI Training

What is the purpose of Training and trainers in JCI? Reflect on the reasons for JCI Training and why it is an important part of the JCI experience for both members and trainers.
As any other profession and activity, training has a purpose: to teach skills and knowledge to others. JCI Training provides the tools for our members to succeed in advancing the JCI Mission. Training teaches people to become instruments of positive change impacting their communities through projects within their Local Organizations. There has been a recent concern that some JCI trainers have lost sight of this objective. Many trainers conduct courses only to reach new levels or status. Others may look for individual benefits such as recognition or free travel. Trainers who fail to focus on the true purpose of JCI Training also fail to live the JCI Mission. Measuring the Success of a JCI Trainer Trainers must reconnect with the true purpose of JCI: to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. All activities of JCI, including Training, must support this Mission. Thus, the success of a JCI trainer is not measured by the level of satisfaction of attendees, but by the impact and concrete positive change created by those members when they apply the new skills acquired from the training. JCI needs trainers who are dedicated to creating positive change through needs-based projects as well as interested in sharing knowledge to enrich the experiences of their fellow members. Some JCI trainers become overly focused only on conducting training, which results in neglect for their commitment to their Local Organization and alienation from core JCI activities. Trainers who can only conduct business and professional development trainings are welcome in JCI, but their contribution is only to the individual, not to the organization as a whole. When choosing how to focus their time, trainers must remember JCI is not a training organization or an association where trainers can become professionals. JCI is also not a personal development organization. An effective JCI trainer helps Local Organizations become stronger, and empowers members to create positive change in their communities. JCI Trainers as Active Members Since the requirement that all trainers must be active members of a Local Organization was approved, JCI has received many messages of support and some of disagreement. Trainers who do disagree with this policy argue that JCI trainers should not be under the authority of their Local JCI President. However, JCI is an organization based on membership gathered in Local Organizations, the most crucial cell of JCI. The concrete action happens and results are achieved at the local level. Every single JCI members??? career begins with joining a JCI Local Organization. Even the JCI President and all other International Board members must be active members of their respective Local Organization to keep their international positions. Trainers are not exempt from this standard. After June 1, 2011, the JCI database will record which trainers are making a contribution to their Local Organization as an active member. Trainers who are of JCI age but who are not active in a Local Organization will no longer be listed in the JCI Trainers Directory. They will be unable to conduct JCI Official Courses or advance in the training certification levels. Many Local and National Organizations that noticed trainers receiving certification and conducting JCI Official Courses without being active members requested this change. JCI Official Course Application Standards For the trainers who are JCI members and have the genuine interest in the purpose of training, the JCI Training Commission will accept applications for Assistant Trainer, one JCI Official Course at a time, and recommends selecting the course in which the trainer has more knowledge and experience. Only after mastering one course can the trainer apply for the next one, and so proceeding consecutively. The JCI Training Commission will not approve applications from trainers who apply for multiple courses at the same time. The intent of this rule is to maintain the quality of the trainers. JCI National and Local Organizations invest great amounts of time and resources to bring in trainers certified by JCI to conduct JCI Official Courses. These members deserve the best quality of trainers JCI can offer for their investment. If you are a JCI trainer, please make sure your Local President recognizes you as an active member. Please adhere to these new policies to ensure the continuation of JCI Training as an outstanding part of JCI. JCI members value the opportunity to participate in trainings with superb instructors. JCI trainers have an important role in the success of JCI on the path to becoming the leading global network of young active citizens. Value your gifts and knowledge as a trainer and share the JCI message to expand global impact as you train members around the world.
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