News — April 02, 2014

JCI Vice President Basile Djossouvi Visit To Mauritius

JCI Mauritius had the immense pleasure of hosting JCI Vice President Basile Djossouvi from Benin for a visit full of impact from 9th of March till 12th March 2014.
JCI Mauritius members had the opportunity to interact with the Vice President and were thus able to know the direction in which JCI is moving. This would greatly help them create the positive change. Since his arrival on the 9th March 2014 evening, Vice-President Basile has had meetings and discussions with all Local Organizations of JCI Mauritius and has been able to answer the queries of the different local boards. Vice President Basile also highlighted the importance of using the JCI Active Citizen Framework. On Monday the 10th March, Vice-President Basile Djossouvi started his journey with a visit to the Managing Director of Island Life Insurance, at the Currimjee House at Port-Louis a potential sponsor for JCI Mauritius???s TOYP project. Just after the visit, there was a lunch scheduled with all Local Presidents of different Local Organizations of Mauritius. This was a unique opportunity, where Vice President Basile shared his experiences and they were able to learn new techniques about how to manage their respective organizations and members, so that they can perform better and promote the JCI Values, be impactful so as to create positive changes in the society.. After lunch with the Local Presidents, there was a working session with JCI Beau-Bassin/Rose Hill Local Board Members. During his visit Vice President Basile had the opportunity to attend the finals of the debate competition at Clos St Louis, Domaine les Pailles. The finals of the debate competition was between JCI Port-Louis and JCI City Plus, on the theme ??? \\\"After Fukushima, we should abandon nuclear power\\\". After a long and passionate debate, JCI City plus won the competition, with Tania Huet, from JCI Beau Bassin/Rose Hill winning the Best Speaker award, having impressed jury during the qualifying rounds. Just before diner in honor of our guest, those who were present, had the opportunity to interact with Vice-President Basile during a Forum organized by JCI Mauritius. This was also an opportunity for each Local President to present their Organizations and the projects they have in the pipeline. We were also honored to have him among us in welcoming new Members from several Local Organizations during the swearing in ceremony. Travelling a long way to share his knowledge this is what Vice President Basile Djossouvi did. JCI City Plus had the opportunity and honor to have him as guest for the Independence Day at St Nicolay School for the project Children Awareness Campaign on the third day of his visit to Mauritius. The main aim of the Children Awareness Campaign is to educate the younger generation to be responsible and healthy citizens and to become leaders and role models for a safer and better society. Comic strips were used on the back covers of the copybooks to convey key messages to the children in relation to health & safety and environmental issues. Distribution of copybooks and stationery to the children were made on that day. Just after meeting the children at St Nicolay School, Vice-President Basile was live on Radio One during the program Club du Midi . After sharing his knowledge and humbly answering to the question of JCI City plus Local Board Members, during lunch at La Flore Mauricienne, he visited the association KPAV at Cite Malherbes Curepipe, where he addressed young children during the Independence Day celebrations. He also recognized children who performed well during their exams. In the evening, JCI Curepipe Board Members had a working session with the Vice President. The last day in Mauritius started with a meeting with National Board Members, to share his visit and experience about JCI Evolution. During this meeting, he answered all queries of JCI Mauritius Board members and congratulated JCI Mauritius for the wonderful job accomplished. Before ending his visit to Mauritius, Vice-President Basile had a working session with JCI Quatre-Bornes Local Board Members.
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