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Announcing the First JCI Special Recognition Program Winners

Congratulations to six JCI Local Organizations for their Impact Projects creating positive change on the local level to advance the first stage of community development, Health and Wellness. 

JCI Special Recognition Program 

The JCI Special Recognition Program provides a new way to share best practices and foster an environment where JCI members are motivated to create positive change. Motivation is important to achieving the JCI Mission because tackling the challenges of today requires empowered, passionate global citizens ready to take action. Sharing your story of impact and examples of action-oriented, sustainable solutions not only motivates other citizens around the world, but also provides a foundation for fellow members to use your ideas in their own communities. Highlighting great stories of impact through this program increases our ability to learn from each other’s efforts and endeavors to build a better world together. 


Criteria for a Winning JCI Special Recognition Impact Project 

These six winning projects were submitted to the JCI Project Gallery from January 1 to March 31. The JCI Special Recognition committee looked through all of the submissions, judging them based on the criteria outlined by the program. Projects needed to be conducted through the JCI Active Citizen Framework advancing the first stage of community development, Health and Wellness, as well as provide proof of local media coverage in print, radio and/or television and also provide visual accompaniments such as photos, videos, promotional materials and/or results of media coverage. 


Congratulations to the Winning Health and Wellness Impact Projects 

The following JCI National and Local Organizations are recognized for their hard work and dedication to creating sustainable positive change in their communities through needs-based, action-oriented projects. Each of these projects meets the criteria of the JCI Special Recognition program and advances the first stage of community development, Health and Wellness. 

1. JCI Barbados of JCI West Indies conducted Special Day for Special Children to raise awareness and gather community support for disabled youth. Partnered with the Barbados Council for the Disabled, local special needs schools and various corporate sponsors, the day provided a fun, safe place for these children and their families to participate in activities, learning opportunities and interact with members of the community. They also held a press conference prior to the event featuring their local sponsors and local media also covered the project. 

2. JCI Abuja Metro of JCI Nigeria started their project with a needs analysis showing that many people in their community were faced daily with diseases like HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, yellow fever and measles and receiving treatment was a challenge. JCI members worked with medical professionals to provide testing and treatment for these various diseases to the entire community. They also provided education on how to prevent these diseases and if infected how, when and where to best receive treatment, ensuring a healthier future for their fellow citizens. Through social media and television coverage, the project gained more citizens for testing and education and JCI Abuja Metro received positive recognition from the community. 

3. JCI Port Harcourt of JCI Nigeria partnered with the Ministry of Health and the Local Agency for Control of Malaria and HIV/AIDS to raise awareness for the prevention and treatment of these diseases. They also used media partners, mostly radio and television, to spread health education about how to use a bed net and knowledge surrounding the cause, effects and control of the spread of HIV/AIDS. 

4. JCI Harare of JCI Zimbabwe worked with the National Blood Services Zimbabwe to respond to an increasing shortage of blood donors in their community, which widely affects necessary medical treatments. JCI members used social media, television and radio interviews to raise awareness about the issue and gather their fellow active citizens to participate in a series of blood donation events. 

5. JCI Ypsilanti of JCI USA joined the fight against malaria by using #GivingTuesday, a national day of service and awareness in the US, to raise funds for JCI Nothing But Nets. With the help of social media, they gathered support for the cause and encouraged their various networks of friends to send nets and save lives. 

6. JCI St. Andrew of JCI Jamaica hosted their annual Health Fair providing educational seminars, screening and testing regarding a variety of different diseases and health issues from local health professionals. Doctors, dentists and nurses participated in this fair providing care and knowledge to all attendees. JCI members organized this project through collaboration with other nonprofit organizations, health practices and the Community Development Council. The event was promoted through and covered by various outlets of local media.


Congratulations to these six JCI Local Organizations for their outstanding actions to create sustainable impact in their communities, advancing Health and Wellness. 


Stay tuned to see the winners from the JCI Special Recognition Program’s July Impact Month, focused on projects advancing the second stage of community development, Education and Economic Empowerment. 


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Submit your Impact Projects that focus on Sustainability to the JCI Project Gallery as September Impact Month approaches. 


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