News — July 18, 2014

2014 JCI European Conference

JCI members gathered in St. Julian's, Malta to take action in the community and exchange ideas to expand their impact.

Rallying for Impact 

The 2014 JCI European Conference began with a very productive JCI National Presidents meeting complete with discussing projects and sharing ideas for greater impact across European Local Organizations. The First Timers program followed, where 60 guests showed great enthusiasm. The Opening Ceremony took place that evening, where local star Ira Losco provided great entertainment for the delegates and knights showcased how life was on the island at their time in history. Honored Conference guest, Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat, also welcomed delegates. In his inspiring speech, he acknowledged the JCI Mission and purpose, mentioning that the Mission completely embodies what he aims to achieve in Malta. All of the attendees of the Opening Ceremony had a wonderful experience to properly start a successful Conference. 


Working Together for Positive Change 

The following day kicked off with the JCI Morning Show, to begin the day with motivation and energy. During the program, delegates filled out a multitude of commitment cards for the MY World 2015 global survey. By the end of the Ceremony, everyone was inspired and energized for the upcoming sessions and programs. Other popular activities included the football tournament hosted by JCI Finland, which many enjoyed. The JCI Tradeshow was also a feature, which included a JCI Sales booth and an Art exhibition from JCI Lithuania selling all kinds of exquisite paintings, with the profits going to JCI Nothing But Nets


The JCI Skills Development Forum allowed members to share their thoughts about the Mission-focused direction of JCI Training. The KPMG networking event gave members a new view of the business sector and how to collaborate with corporations for impact. Other notable activities included the JCI World Public Speaking competition. Participants delivered very dynamic speeches and in front of a captivated audience. Also, the JCI Impact Strategy was a great success with delegates learning new ways to increase their impact at the local level. 


Taking Action to Make a Difference

The community engagement activity involved 70 energetic delegates learning more about marine life and participating in the beach cleaning activity. The 2014 JCI Board of Directors made an unforgettable appearance at the Sports for Nets basketball tournament motivating all attendees to create impact in an active way. 


To add to the excitement, JCI Netherlands and JCI Germany proposed the activation of the European initiative, “I am Europe”, which is a movement of active citizens who believe in creating a better future for Europe by taking ownership and action. They encouraged delegates to begin participating and voice their opinions using #iameurope to start a dynamic conversation of how to improve their communities, countries and region. They also encouraged delegates to take a short video clip of themselves and other young, passionate active citizens stating “I am Europe” and why and explained how these videos will help the movement make a difference. Learn more at the #iameurope Facebook page and participate today. 


Looking Ahead for a Bright Future 

The final day of the European Conference included activities such as The English and French JCI World Debating Championships and the First Secretary General Forum. The new JCI Skills Development courses, which included JCI Effective Meetings and JCI Effective Communication, were very popular and enjoyed by all participants. Participating organizations signed their JCI Twinning agreements and started to think of ideas for joint projects. Also, Row for Nets gathered active citizens in the St.George’s Bay raising more awareness and support for JCI Nothing But Nets. 


Departing Malta, delegates were refreshed by all of the programs attended, ideas exchanged and new friendships made over the course of the Conference. They left the island ready to go home and strive for even greater impact by taking needs-based action in the communities to further the JCI Mission. 


See you next year at the 2015 JCI European Conference in Izmir, Turkey, May 13 to 16! Congratulations to JCI Finland for hosting the 2016 JCI European Conference in Tampere. 


For those who attended the 2014 JCI European Conference, share your favorite memories on the JCI Facebook page

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