News — February 25, 2015

JCI Commemorates 100 Years of Impact with Monument

In 1915, a global movement was born by one man with one vision, the JCI Movement.  

Founder of the JCI Movement, Henry Giessenbier Jr., lived during a time of great social transformation. His hometown of St. Louis, USA experienced rapid growth with limited resources, leading Giessenbier to guide his fellow community members to rise and take initiative to address the challenges at hand. 


The JCI Movement engages active citizens to find targeted solutions to local challenges in order to better our communities, our world and our future. JCI members embrace new ideas, collaboration and diversity, and courageously create positive change worldwide. Through this movement, JCI has transformed thousands of communities and impacted more than one billion lives across the globe.  


JCI celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement this year. As part of the celebration, JCI is raising funds to build a monument to celebrate the JCI legacy. The monument will stand at the JCI World Headquarters in St. Louis, USA, the birthplace of JCI. The 100th Anniversary monument is designed to commemorate 100 Years of Impact and serves to celebrate the global connection of cultures, active citizens and positive change inspired by the JCI movement over the last 100 years. 


Plans for the monument were first revealed during the 2014 JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany. 


The sleek design begins with a steel globe connected to a commemorative wall to be filled with historical information as well as donor plaques with the names of JCI members, partners, supporters and friends worldwide. 


Surrounding the wall will be enhanced landscaping and new pavement that stretches to the outer public sidewalk, guiding visitors to the monument as they explore the JCI World Headquarters. A bench will be placed near the monument for members and friends to relax and enjoy this celebratory structure. The three flags that fly high outside of the JCI World Headquarters will remain in place, complimenting the new structural additions. 


The monument will be a visual symbol of engagement, celebration and impact for current and past JCI members, alumni, partners and friends sustaining a legacy of impact for the next 100 years and beyond. JCI members and organizations around the world are already engaging in the celebration. Individual members and JCI Past Presidents are taking action to donate, including the previous and current JCI Foundation Chairpersons, who are both now 5-star donors. JCI Local and National Organizations are donating as a group, securing their organization’s name on the monument, and the 2015 JCI Board of Directors pledged to donate US $5000 as a team at the 2015 JCI January Board Meeting.


By donating to the JCI 100th Anniversary, your name can be a permanent part of the JCI legacy. Based on your donation level, your name will be placed on one of the panels as a symbol of your support and commitment to JCI and the next 100 years of impact. Support the JCI 100th Anniversary by donating as an  individual or inspire your JCI Local or National Organization to commemorate the anniversary and leave your legacy at JCI World Headquarters.

For more information on the monument and access to other anniversary tools and resources you can visit the JCI 100th Anniversary websiteDonate today to reserve your place on the JCI 100th Anniversary monument.

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