News — April 27, 2015

JCI to Tell Story of Impact through Documentary

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement, JCI will be highlighting 100 years of impact through the documentary, “What’s in a Movement? The Pursuit of Everlasting Peace.”  

The documentary will showcase 100 years of JCI, featuring numerous JCI National and Local Organizations illustrating significant moments in JCI history and highlighting the relevance JCI continues to carry in today’s society. 


JCI intends to showcase this relevance by not only examining past achievements but also presenting current projects creating impact globally. 


Through interviews with project partners, community stakeholders and individuals impacted by local initiatives, the documentary will remind current members and communities why JCI remains relevant and ready for the next 100 years of the movement. 


Why, as a JCI member, are you so special? How did JCI come to be? What challenges has JCI faced? What lies ahead? 


This documentary seeks to answer these questions and more! 


As a part of the JCI 100th Anniversary celebrations, JCI Local Organizations around the world are encouraged to plan local screenings of the documentary to take place on October 13, 2015. JCI members and organizations will be provided with a toolkit to organize, promote and conduct these watch parties. 

Screenings will be shown in JCI communities around the world on in celebration of the first JCI meeting, held 100 years ago on that same date.


Do you want to be included in this historic documentary? Simply submit your stories, photos and footage no later than May 31, 2015. 


For more information on the documentary contact:

Jared Lorenz 

Executive Producer

Tel 416-607-6706 Cell +1-416-700-6727 

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