News — December 07, 2015

Announcing the Third Set of JCI Special Recognition Program Impact Project Winners

Congratulations to four JCI Local Organizations for their Impact Projects creating positive change on the local level to advance the third stage of community development, peace, prosperity and sustainability. 


Congratulations to the Winning Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability Projects

The following JCI National and Local Organizations are recognized for their hard work and dedication to creating peaceful and sustainable positive impact in their communities through needs-based, action-oriented projects. Each of these projects meets the criteria of the JCI Special Recognition Program and advances the third stage of community development. 


JCI Harare of JCI Zimbabwe planted 120 trees at the Mount View Training Centre as part of their project “Tree Planting”. Members developed the tree-planting project as a double initiative in celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement and in recognition of World Environment Day. Through their project, JCI Harare created awareness of the importance of trees and the health benefits that they bring to a community and the planet. 


JCI Apex of JCI Hong Kong partnered with JCI Port of JCI Taiwan to help and better the lives of disabled individuals in their communities. Together, they organized a program called “L.O.V.E.,” which stands for live their lives, open their eyes, value their abilities and exchange their views. Through collaborating with sponsors, they were able promote and enhance social integration of the disabled in the community. Due to the success of the program, both JCI Apex and JCI Port are continuing the program in 2016. 


JCI Culture of JCI Turkey created the 100 Years Musical to address the importance of the relationship between culture, citizenship and sustainability. JCI members were able to connect, exchange international experiences and establish a more transparent and peaceful community. teThe musical also provided members, potential members and local and international communities the opportunity to learn about JCI’s history and development through the years as well as help JCI Culture gain 11 new members. 


JCI Antigua of JCI West Indies in collaboration with DJ Jime and members of JCI Dominica launched the program “Project Aid Dominica” in response to those affected by tropical storm Erika. Members started by determining the needs of the community and then began collecting the items needed. Through the help of marketing materials and social media, members and non-members donated to the program. JCI Antigua received 100 cases of water and 48 boxes of non-perishable food items that were distributed among those affected. 


About the JCI Special Recognition Program

The JCI Special Recognition Program provides a way to share best practices and foster an environment where JCI members are motivated to create positive change. Sharing your story of impact and examples of action-oriented, sustainable solutions not only motivates other citizens around the world, but also provides a foundation for fellow members to use your ideas in their own communities. Highlighting great stories of impact through this program increases our ability to learn from each other’s efforts and endeavors to build a better world together. 


These four winning projects were submitted to the JCI Project Gallery from July 1 to September 30. The JCI Special Recognition Committee read all of the submissions, judging them based on the criteria outlined by the program. Projects needed to be conducted following the JCI Active Citizen Framework, specifically advancing the third stage of community development peace, prosperity and sustainability, as well as provide visual accompaniments such as photos, videos, promotional materials and/or results of media coverage. Four JCI Local Organizations met these requirements and were recognized for their outstanding actions to create sustainable impact in their communities, advancing peace, prosperity and sustainability.  


Watch and share these videos on the JCI Active Citizen Framework and the three stages of community development. 


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