News — December 10, 2015

JCI Members Celebrate 100 Years of Impact on the Anniversary of the JCI Movement

October 13, 2015 marked the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of the JCI Movement. JCI members from all around the world took part in the celebrations, commemorating the historic event in a variety of unique ways. Members hosted parties, organized workshops and even established new Local Organizations in honor of the founding. 


One of the biggest ways that members celebrated was through public screenings of the JCI documentary “What’s in a Movement, The Pursuit of Everlasting Peace.” Screenings took place in 26 countries in 60 communities, with over 1,000 participants. JCI Lebanon even organized and hosted a red carpet cocktail reception for strategic partners, stakeholders and JCI Alumni where they screened the documentary. 


JCI Finland used the anniversary as a way to advocate for active citizenship in the 21st century. They showcased the history of JCI and even featured expert speakers such as JCI Ambassador and UN Global Compact Senior Advisor Fred Dubee, who spoke about ways in which young people can take action to change the world. 


“Let us base what we do today and tomorrow on the robust platform that has been erected with so much care and commitment over the past 100 years and as we do, let us be conscious that what we do now will have an impact that will shape the next 100 brilliant and valuable years of JCI," said Dubee. 


In the birthplace of the JCI Movement, JCI USA members hosted a Gala event that included inspiring speeches, a special screening of the documentary and multiple scholarships presented to young active citizens in the area. Among those in attendance were 2015 JCI President Ismail Haznedar and founder Henry Giessenbier’s great-great grandson, Brian George. 


JCI Cambodia held a cultural appreciation and business-networking event during their National Convention to showcase collaborative actions during the 100th Anniversary. Many large sponsors including Coca Cola supported the event.   


As the JCI 100th Anniversary comes to a close, we want to thank each and every JCI member, partner, JCI Alumni and friend who helped to make this special and historical year so successful. As we look into the next 100 years of the organization we must continue to focus on the ways in which we can connect with like-minded organizations and individuals as well as the world. 


By providing young people worldwide the opportunity to stand up and embrace social responsibility in their community, JCI will continue to join forces with young active citizens and be the organization that unites all sectors of society to create sustainable impact. 


Share your organization’s celebration or story of impact online by using #100YearsofImpact, uploading a JCI Project Impact 100 to the JCI Project Gallery or by emailing


Also, it’s not too late to support the JCI 100th Anniversary, contribute to the next 100 years of impact today and gift a spot on the JCI 100th Anniversary Monument for a fellow young active citizen.


You can view how other JCI members around the world celebrated on October 13 on the Facebook event page!



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