News — December 22, 2015

JCI Members Create Impact Globally during 2015 JCI Active Citizen Week

Active Citizen Week took place December 7 – 13, encouraging active citizens everywhere to take action in their local communities. During this weeklong celebration of active citizenship, JCI National and Local Organizations planned and participated in events that worked toward creating sustainable impact in communities around the world. 


JCI Active Citizen Week first began as JCI Active Citizen Day and was first initiated on December 11, 1944 when 30 young active citizens from eight countries – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and the United States – met in Mexico City to sign a declaration that led to the establishment of Junior Chamber International. This declaration has stood as a symbol of hope for young people working toward the creation of a more peaceful world. Today, JCI members continue to serve their communities by creating sustainable impact and expanding JCI’s global movement. 


This year, JCI members participated in JCI Active Citizen Week through a variety of actionable ways at the local level. Projects from member nations around the world include social investment initiatives, commitments to the advancement of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and screenings of JCI’s 100th Anniversary documentary


JCI Cebu (Philippines) started a social investment initiative that provides solar lights to school children so that they can study at night as well as developing an art book to help instill the value of honesty among the students. To honor active citizenship, JCI Belgium organized an event to recognize their JCI Local Organizations and the impact they have created throughout the year. 


In order to advocate for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, JCI Rosario (Argentina) created a survey, and encouraged community members to participate, to determine the five Global Goals that are a priority in the city. JCI Ibadan (Nigeria) also used the week as an opportunity to understand, own and support the Global Goals. JCI Ibaden members worked together to educate each other and the community on how the Global Goals can advance the development of their community. 


Though these projects, JCI members continue to be the active role of individuals, communities and voluntary organizations around the world. These active citizens are individuals invested in the not only the future of their community but the world. 


Thank you to all of the JCI members around the world that helped make JCI Active Citizen Week so impactful! 


Did you or your Local Organization run an event or project celebrating JCI Active Citizen Week? Visit the JCI Project Gallery and submit your project today.  

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