Branded Franchising and Entrepreneurship


Funda Síller


June 8, 2017


People who are interested in franchising, young entrepreneurs, those who want to be entrepreneurs, those who do not know JCI.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

To learn franchising system and entrepreneurship issues

Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth


Contributing to the business world. To make the young people aware of the business world. To bring together experts in the field with JCI.


In business world, contact is made with well-known people and brands. Well-known people are invited to JCI to provide training on their area of ​​expertise. The meeting room is organized for training. All members, candidate members and people to attend are invited.

Actions Taken

Contributing to Business and Youth. To raise the awareness of young people about the business world. To examine important economic issues for our country. Awareness and adding a vision to our members
Did the franchise system really succeed in Turkey? What should I pay attention to when taking a franchise? Is the franchise system a system that meets the basic characteristics of the Turkish entrepreneur? Where does the franchise go in Turkey? How to es


Franchising problems should be examined to support the solution. To be an example for young people in entrepreneurship issues


It was the first organization in the field of entrepreneurship and franchising. A total of 5 speakers and 1 moderator attended. A total of 80 people attended. Hakan Kurt (SUBWAY - Country Director) Muhammet Nezif Emek(Bereket Döner – CEO) Emrah Bilgin (Gloria Jean’s Coffees – Managing Director) Cem Gökdoğan (Little Caesars – Operation and Business Development Director) Mehmet Yılmazoğlu (MADO - General Coordinator) MODERATÖR; Esat Aysan Doğaner (Economist/Author)

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