JCI Kadıköy Montly Meeting 4 - Member Information Center


Esra Durcan


May 29, 2017


JCI Turkey & JCI Kadıköy Members and Candidate members

People impacted



Inform all JCI members & candidate members about JCI Kadıköy projects, Adress the intellectual side of participants with a speaker guest


Montly meeting is an important part of management of member populity and keeping them informed of developments in your project's progress. Every project director presents the milestones of the project, how it is going and call any help of friends if he needs. This aspect is very important about keeping the wonder of members alive and getting continuously sustaniable support. In addition, the project contains a guest speaker talking about a popular topic of leadership with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Montly meeting 1 Guest Speaker was , Serdar Salepçioğlu. He is also an author and signed his new book for us. The main topic was leadership at business life and stretegic behaviorus. Inspiration of participants was incredible. Because we had new candidate members from different profession side of business life and also university students that want to know us and work together at the projects.

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