JCI Damascus English Club


Mohamad Waseem Saad


From January 3 to September 1, 2017


JCI Members from JCI Damascus, Students from Universities, Entrepreneurs, Marketers

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


help members and non members to improve their English language and to enable them using this language well within the Chapter through projects, or even personally.


- The club depends on a weekly meeting for 2 hours, each week covers a different subject and activities to practice English interactively, away from traditional teaching methods that are followed in other institutions, for example watching movies without any subtitles and discussing it in English, beside reading stories, listening and watching TED talks and discussing different topics about it each week and in addition to fun activities that practicing and learning are done through them.
- A general culture competition in English language
- A speaking course was launched at the beginning of Ramadan and continues all the month of Ramadan every Saturday, Monday and Thursday with 12 participated members.


English club was a place that supported members in dealing effectively with their skills in order to remove barriers to speaking English, a place that helped them to practice a language they don't speak in their daily life. The club made a positive impact on members by giving them the courage and confidence to stand and speak in front of other colleagues which enhances the team spirit too. English Club made it easier for members to learn from each other, as for intermediate members have learnt from advanced and advanced ones had the opportunity to practice and use English as a spoken language.


Focusing on English language and spread it between all members and society because English is the world’s common language. English has come of age as a global language. It is spoken by a quarter of the world’s population, enabling a true single market in knowledge and ideas.
Learning a language can give you a great sense of personal achievement and fulfillment.
The theme of positive development in the self and self-confidence with the use of English
Building positivity and relations between members

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