2017 CurBiz


Vanja Wanga


From February 13 to July 31, 2017


Aspiring entrepreneurs

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to obtain financial aid and to enhance their entrepreneurial general knowledge and skills.


CurBiz 2017 is an opportunity for both investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to meet and come to an equivalent deal. This
event is to facilitate investors with investment possibilities and aspiring entrepreneurs with an opportunity to acquire funds
for their business concept. The project will be divided in 2 phases. The first phase will be an approach to bring awareness
and stimulate a business mentality in our people and also to provide a training weekend to the aspire entrepreneurs.
Before the day of the event, candidates will have the opportunity to fine-tune their elevator pitch and business concept to
guarantee high-qualified presentations. In addition to the training weekend, a predetermined set of standards will be used as a
screening tool to select the aspiring entrepreneurs-candidates that will actually present in front of the panel of investors.

Actions Taken

Look for investors.
To provide an inspirational session with three motivational speakers. (Feria di Empresario)
To allow participants to submit their business plans.
To conduct a Pitch event at which participants will have a chance to pitch their business concept.
Investors are able to negotiate one on one with participants if they are interested in the business concept.
To conduct public relations activities (Social media, visit TV and radio shows, and send out press releases).
To provide a training weekend with that covers three different area. (Financial, how to write a business plan, and personal branding)
To provide general information to aspiring entrepreneurs. (e.g. tax, insurance, flexible working spaces, chamber of commerce, marketing) (Information Booths at Feria di Empresario)


Feria di Empresario:
Total 40 participants

Training Weekend:
Total of 9 participants

Pitch Event
1 Business plan submission. Due to the number of submission the committee cancelled the Pitch Event and connected the person who submitted a business plan with potential investor.

Facebook page 383 Likes

Other results:
at Feria di Empresario
- Participants were empowered with knowledge and motivation;
- Opportunity for JCI UC to talk about the project and also the JCI organization;
- Database creation of potential members.
at Training Weekend
- Two JCI members had the opportunity to share valuable information as trainers in their professional area;
- Participants left the room with more knowledge and insight for their business and start up.

- A lot of media exposure for JCI and JCI UC.


The committee recommend to :

- To do this project only if there is enough manpower and the motivation to support and execute the project;
- To try to partner up with a bigger organization like MEO for example;
- To give the participants more time and guidance on their business plan;
- To put more emphasis on the Pitch event in order to attract participants with the pitch & confident mindset;
- To approach investors with time;
- To enforce effective communication among committee members and the members of the organization.

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