2017 6=1 PROJECT


Daphne Chiew


From August 4 to 8, 2017



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted



1. To provide a platform for the members to learn, practice from a series of programs to achieve the growth of four (4) area of opportunities and also to increase JCI Impact.
2. To train members through organizing a large scale international project and to maximize their exposure to International
Affairs Opportunities for them to be empowered and excel.
3. To enhance JCI Sibu images to our oversea Sisterhood Chapters, Brotherhood Chapter, Private Sectors,
Government bodies and general public.
4. To create pathway among government, private sectors, society local and oversea Chapters,Junior Jaycee to work
together and being the partners in order to fulfill the objective of JCI Active Citizen Framework.
5. To allow members to have a great experience to run joint chapter project internationally, to break down the language barrier, gaining valuable joint project experience via JCI International platform.
6. In conjunction to Visit Sibu Year 2017, JCI Sibu has organize series of activities to promote our Borneo
Culture and to promote the town as a tourist attraction and enhance the tourism industry in Sibu via our Lock The Love
7. To provide opportunities for members to contribute to the development of the economic infrastructure, prosperity and well
being of all nations.


To further the growth and development of JCI Sibu Members are trained to have with global mindset and international exposure. JCI Sibu has organized an International Project to bring in overseas Chapters and be expose to the JCI working culture and Malaysian culture. 2017 6=1 Project conducted in 5th -7th August 2017. This project is a brand new international project that jointly organized by JCI Sibu (Sarawak, Malaysia), 4- Sisterhood Chapters JCI Lion Rock (Hong Kong), JCI Songpa (Korea), JCI Cebu (Philippines), JCI Tu Cheng (Taiwan) and Brotherhood Chapter JCI Tanjung Aru (Sabah, Malaysia). The project is the initiative of JCI Sibu in conjunction with 60th anniversary celebration.
The project has successfully achieved the growth of four areas of opportunity as below:-
(A) Individual Area Projects:-
A.1) 60th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
A.2) Inter-LO Training [How to Make Member Participate empowering young people to create positive change]
(B) Community Area Projects:-
B.1) Launching of Lock The Love
B.2) We Love, We Share
(C) International Area Projects:-
C.1) JCI Sibu Dialogue session between 4-Sisterhood Chapters 1-Brotherhood and Minister
C.2) Sarawak Borneo Culture Activities - Visit Long House and Water Sports
(D) Business Area Project:-
D.1) Business Visitation to Rimbunan Hijau Groups


The Celebration was very carried out successfully, well attended by members and public, good publicity in the local newspapers, resounding feedback from the participants, huge impact on the society and good funding.



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