Women Everywhere


Ayşe Öykü Erdoğmuş


From March 1 to 8, 2017


To raise awareness of the place and the importance of women in our society.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Gender Equality

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Women; to be in the forefront of our society both in business and in the family.


As JCI Balikesir, the workshops we have conducted between us are in sight; the problems we have experienced in business life and business life have come to the agenda. And our women members talked about the fact that apart from business life, women faced with more difficulty in the role of society. We decided to do a study that shows the place and role of the woman in our society with the reason that she is in the near future on World Working Women's Day. In this context, we have reached women from different professional groups. The woman can be mother, sister, sister, aunt, still in the family, but the woman is everywhere. We got video footage at work. At the beginning of the work they did, the woman spoke to us everywhere with the motto. Some of them sometimes an executive assistant, a doctor, sometimes a mother, and so on. We also listened to each other's volunteer stories by participating in the Women's Volunteer Seminar where the Balıkesir Branch of the Turkish Education Foundation organized.


The tasks that women undertake in society are very important. So women and men must be equal in our society.


We aim to do trainings and workshops for women in our local area. In this direction, we are in talks with Karesi Municipality City Council women's work group, women's platform and Balikesir Business Women's Association. We will carry out workshops with doctors, lawyers and psychiatrists to inform the women about the mobbing they may encounter in their working life and their homes and to raise awareness in this regard

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