Pepijn Palmans


From June 9 to 10, 2017


The audience was a mixture of JCI members and non-JCI members.

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Create a full-day event to attract high-quality trainers and keynote-speakers for a large audience while keeping costs low through an all-in formula for attendees.

Sustainable Development Goal

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Give members of our local chapter a challenging project to learn from, while giving participants/attendees a program they could learn new skills from.


Zimmervation is an event build up around the topic of Innovation. By offering participants a broad selection of topics in trainings and keynote speakers, we were able to inspire over 450 persons on a single day!

We had 15 sessions split-up in workshops, trainings and keynotes during the day. No dull powerpoint presentations, but real-life experts sharing their knowledge in a highly interactive way.

Topics included innovation in HR (keynote from employer who gave his staff unlimited holidays), innovation in the medical sector (keynote from startup offering doctors’ advice through a Netflix-style internet app), durable negotiations (training by an expert professional dealing with multinationals and unions on a daily basis), … up to workshops where participants could program Internet-of-Things appliances themselves.


We had a long list of partnerships with local companies, the university college and the city of Lier to support this event.

This helped us to reach the goals we had set within time and within budget.


As with every project, you learn from your experiences. We had a series of debriefing moments and noted a few points of improvement. The two main points are:

Try to finalize the content of the program a bit earlier before the event itself. In that way, participants can be reached with actual content earlier and register their personal schedules ahead in time.

Involve certain partners sooner in the marketing of the project. We found out that through them, we could often reach a whole new audience that we could not reach ourselves.

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