JCI Mauritius: Officers Orientation Session - Leading a Local Organisation successfully


Tasweena Girdhari


January 13, 2018


Local Board Members and National Board Members

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To provide them with the required knowledge and tools to fulfill their respective duties in an effective and efficient way and to make sure that each serves in their respective positions to the best of their abilities.


We have all been elected in a leadership position to serve JCI Mauritius this year. Given that there is 'One Year to Lead' in this organisation, we are all serving our respective post for the first and also for the last time and we are sure that all of you want to serve in this position to the best of your abilities.
In order to provide the Local board members with the required knowledge and tools to fulfill your respective duties in an efficient way, this orientation session has been organised.
The orientation session was an interactive session whereby concrete examples were used and experiences shared which was helpful in the execution of their duties.


33 participants were present for this orientation session and it was very well received by the audience.
It was an interactive session with many from the audience asking questions and sharing their experiences.


This Orientation Session can be extended to the members.

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