Art2Heart 2011


Suzi Chen


September 25, 2011


Children from disadvantaged backgrounds and local communities

People impacted



To provide a safe learning environment for primary school children from socially isolated or disadvantaged backgrounds to build confidence and a stronger sense of self through working with professional artists.


A small pilot Art2Heart project was trialled in 2011 with participation of students from 4 primary schools. The 2011 pilot project consisted of planning and preparation, an induction session with parents in late May, 6 art sessions from June to early July, an art review session with participants and an exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art from this Oct for 4 weeks. The pilot project was a major success and JCI Whitehorse Maroondah is currently seeking the support from the Council to continue and to expand the Art2Heart project in 2012. To share our successful pilot Art2Heart story, please visit


The feedback for this project was extremely positive. We have been asked to repeat this project again in 2012. A project such as this provides opportunities for learning and sharing. It also promotes JCI at the local level. It is our intention to continue this wonderful Art2Heart project in 2012


1) This project successfully brought local communities together and provided a forum for social interaction. These community groups included local art gallery, established artists, children, parents, teachers and volunteers. 2) This project helped building confidence in our participants through arts. 3) For 6 consecutive Saturdays, an average of 10 children from 4 primary schools travelled with teachers and volunteers to visit various studios. Each visit consisted of a tour of the art studio and a practical session. Not only the studio visit was amazing, children also had a chance to work with various art medium including glass art, woodwork, ceramics, drawing with charcoal, playing didgeridoo, oil and water colour painting, and dancing. 4) More than 100 pieces of artwork were produced. 5) Selected artwork will participate in an exhibition at the Monash Gallery of Art this Oct for 4 weeks. 6) This project provided leadership opportunities for our chapter members. 7) The chapter has used this project as an example to promote our local chapter. 8) The chapter has used the success of this project to engage with local government for future funding support. 9) This project was documented on a blog and through the production of a video clip.

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