It's About Impact Bridal and Fashion Show


Isuru Samarage


December 11, 2011


Members and Community

People impacted



• Creating business opportunities to young citizens is a key area in promoting free enterprise. Accordingly at this event “It’s About Impact” JCI Gampaha has given lot of young salon owners (entrepreneurs) to show their talents on a single stage. • Not only this has given them the opportunity to expose their talents but also this has been a learning curve for them as JCI Gampaha has done a fashion show in partnership with a renowned dress maker in Sri Lanka By the name of Sathya de. • Subsequently it has created an opportunity to interchange the ideas of development in their own sector. • Members of JCI Gampaha have also been blessed with this project as they also had the opportunity to show their talents on modeling and to mingle with a different set of young group of entrepreneurs.


• This project was a remarkable achievement of JCI Gampaha as this was well aligned with the business perspective as well as the JCI promises towards keeping the promise of UN MDGs in the year 2015. Small projects that are aligned with a specific aspect in UN MDGs can keep a mark on public mind at least about a single point of UN MDG. • The launch of the project was announced on 25th April 2011 which is the world malaria day. This was one of the remarkable achievement of JCI Sri Lanka as this was the only date specific event launched happened according to the international event calendar. • The JCI Gampaha members have invited all the top dignitaries in Gampaha for this event and participation of women was extremely high. This has gone a long way as most of the parents needed their child to be a part of JCI. • The name of this event is “It’s about impact”, because people dress and make up themselves as a bride nicely to make an impact. In the same way JCI Gampaha wanted to give the message that we are doing these events to make an impact in the world. • This event is a classic example to the theme “Global impact through local action”.


The Organizing committee must have a collective clarity on the Overall picture of the Event. - Gathering a considerable crowd for a bridal show can be a challenge because of the previous experience unethical behaviors of other bridal and fashion show organizers. - Clear judging procedure must be introduced. - Should have one or more Electronic Media to cover the event


• This event has had the maximum press and the media exposure where JCI Gampaha could publish four articles plus the coupon on “Sirikatha” newspaper and also could have total of 40 minutes post publicity on ITN and Derana. • ABC media networks were the official fm media partner where we have got another 20 commercials prior to the event. • Importance on JCI Sri Lanka projects are also depends on the publicity and branding done by the particular chapter. This is a classic example for almost all the chapters run a project because whilst continuing following the JCI project planning process it has also played a major role in post and pre media campaigns. • This was the only event done by a local chapter in Sri Lanka which had a website to its own. • The organizers also have prohibited others from taking pictures and that has lately turned out to another business opportunity. The organizers have posted the photos on the website and once the participants select the photo they wanted the organizers made the photo available on request at a nominal cost. • Apart from the media and other masses the public has had a good impression on JCI as this was focused on one of the UN MDGs.

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